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Japan wins World Cosplay Summit 2009, Spain number two, Amer / 2009-08-03

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30 representatives from 15 countries around the world competed in the 2009 World Cosplay Summit held in Nagoya, Japan on August 1st and 2nd.  On the second day of the event the representatives competed in an annual contest where each team of two made a three minute performance to sway the panel of four guest judges. Japan won top prize, the first time for the Japanese since the event’s conception in 2003 according to Japanese newspaper Mainichi. The team from Spain took second, and the U.S. took third.

Countries represented included: Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, France, Italy,china job ,Thailand, Australia, Brazil, the United States, Finland, Spain, China, Mexico, and Japan.

Cosplayers and the World Cosplay Summit 2009 events

For those who may not know, cosplay, which is short for costume roleplay, is the subculture activity of dressing up like characters from one’s favorite comic, books, movie, and so forth. The activity, which has grown in popularity worldwide, is often preformed at special cosplay events such as the World Cosplay Summit.

On August 1st, the cosplay country representatives, with the help of the Japanese idol group SKE48, reportedly paraded down a red carpet in light rain before a crowd of onlookers. Other activities that day involved another parade and a music concert for event participants, including some 500 other cosplayers. August 2nd was devoted largely to the representative cosplay competition.

Below is a video of the country representatives on August 1st

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