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SFGate: Day in Pictures

annseo / 2009-08-07

Wednesday, Aug. 05, 2009

Type A-positive. Why do you ask, ma'am? At the World Cosplay (cosplay costumes and play) Summit in Nagoya, Japan, one can meet all kinds of characters, real or mythological - even a friendly vampire.

It's nothing to sniff at: Asked his opinion of the swine flu epidemic, the Dalai Lama injects a little humor into his reply. (Lausanne, Switzerland.)

God save us from Carrie Bradshaw's shoes: Would-be actresses flock to a New York job casting call for "Sex and the City 2," even though it may cost them their souls.

Cloud jumping: A man leaps from an off-camera diving platform in Weimar, Germany.

A boy cools off in a fountain in Cordoba, Spain, known for its fine Corinthian leather.

A biker's best friend: If this doesn't seem entirely safe, consider that Garry Henry - shown riding with Savannah in Henderson, Ky. - used to travel with three dogs on his bike.

My name is oil: Nicaraguans coated with recycled motor oil take a break while celebrating at a festival honoring Santo Domingo de Guzman, the patron saint of Managua.

Democracy boosters: Activists of Honduras' National Resistance Front spray-paint anti-coup slogans on the Torrelibertad building in Tegucigalpa.

Sisterly love: A woman ties a rakhi, a sacred thread, onto the wrist of her brother, a leper, at the Chetna Leprosy Centre in Siliguri, India. The ceremony, performed during the Raksha Bandhan festival, symbolizes the love that binds women to their brothers.

Evicted Palestinians sit on mattresses tossed out of the homes they were forced to leave in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The United States and European Union criticized Israel for allowing police to evict two Palestinian families so that Jewish settlers could move in.

Gana snuggles her newborn baby at a zoo in Muenster, Germany. The gorilla was traumatized last year when her 3-month-old died of an intestinal infection. Overcome with grief, she carried his body around for several days.

Beware the Flying Speedos of Death, Kim Jong Il! Special warfare commandos exercise with gusto during a sea infiltration drill in Taean, South Korea.

Best friends try to clasp hands on the Wave Swinger, one of the scarier rides at the Sonoma Fair in Santa Rosa.

Clouds veil the full moon over Tijuana, Mexico.

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