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Fandemonium 2009 - Cosplay

annseo / 2009-08-07

This is my second installment in the lead-up to this weekend’s Fandemonium 2009, the sixth annual fan convention to be held in Nampa, ID.  In the first article I described the convention and mentioned a few details of popular events.  One of the most popular from previous years is back, the Cosplay and Cosplay After Dark.  For those IDC of you who aren’t familiar with this style of fandom, let me introduce you to a few details.

Cosplay, short for costumed play, is most frequently identified with video gaming and the Japanese animation style known as anime.  Participants dress up as their favorite characters from TV series, movies, games, or any other known universe and perform a small play that showcases the costumes and understanding of the source material.  It is rarely enough for the hardcore cosplayer to simply look like their character, though painstaking costuming detail is often a key element.  Most adopt the personal preferences and attitudes as well,  in a similar fashion to live action roleplay.

Fandemonium’s cosplay is much less restricted than what one sees at larger events such as the Masquerade at DragonCon.  Many participants greatly enjoy cosplay in a relaxed fashion along with the highly scripted skits and productions of the competitions.  Costumed fans may dress up as zombies, Autobots, or Klingons to walk the halls between events.  The old maxim of never saluting Klingons (it makes them edgy) applies to cosplayers as well. Luckily, the party atmosphere of Fandemonium, and its rules against metal weaponry, means that it’s less dangerous than elsewhere.  Boffer swords can hurt, but that might be a different article.

Dressing up as your most beloved character is something that people can work at for years, completing costumes down to the final detail, and most of us can appreciate the labor that goes into such amazing fandom.  Even those who can’t help but raise an eyebrow as they pass Vash the Stampede or Skyscream in the halls will likely enjoy Cosplay After Dark, the adult-themed version of the event (no one under 18 admitted).  This proves once more that Fandemonium literally has something for everyone.  See you gents/ladies/catwomen/wizards/et al. at the convention!

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